Directing for Professional Performers


Do any of these horrific situations apply to your show?



  • No idea where to start building a show
  • Too many ideas but no clue how to make them in to a routine
  • Your friends have a show and you don’t know why you don’t have one yourself
  • Your customer asks you if you can do a show
  • Your fees are not as high as you want them to be

Or These? Frustration

  • Bored children when watching your show
  • Not enough laughs coming from your routines
  • Adults checking their phones and chatting with other parents
  • Polite clapping at the end of your show
  • Not getting re-booked or gushing testimonials
  • Not being remembered and talked about for the right reasons

If you agreed with even one of the above statements, your days are numbered as a family entertainer. Why? Please brace yourself for pure honesty:

Because if your show is unfocused, filled with unengaging, off-the-shelf, out-of-the-box, and unoriginal routines that all your competition perform too, is characterless, or has stale jokes and gags, you will not get re-booked as often as you should. You will not be able justify higher prices and your reputation will be substandard. You will never be a good 21st century entertainer if your show doesn’t get amazing reactions every single time.

But I have some good news too!

80% of problems with shows are easy to see if you are not in the show, and easy to fix by an experienced outside eye or director.

How a Director Can Help You

Directors are used in successful theatre shows, circus shows and magic shows to have an overview of the performance, let the actor concentrate on performance technique, and guide the show to be a tight, powerful, engaging experience for the audience. As a children’s or family entertainer, there is no reason why you can’t add a director to your team that helps you be the best you can be, give the most value to your audiences and brings you the best rewards as an entertainer.

You are probably thinking, “But hey Danny, isn’t this awfully expensive?” Stick around and read on.

As a director for seven years now, I have given customised personal direction to some of the top family entertainers across the world including Buster Balloon, David and Shana Brenion (Nifty Balloons), Annie Banannie, and Matt Falloon, as well as a growing number of UK-based entertainers.


Want to see what value they got from getting a director on their team?

Keep reading! What people say is just a little further down.

Meanwhile, just have a look at top children’s entertainer Zivi Kivi in Israel and see how I worked with him on his Birthday Party show to improve it beyond his wildest dreams. Listen to the podcast and watch videos to see for yourselves (Season 2 Chapter 12).


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Need to learn more about me?

Be my guest: I have taught masterclasses twice at Twist & Shout Balloon Convention (USA), lectured at the Millenium Jam (Belgium) and Graham Lee’s Care and Share Days (UK) as well as a power presentation at Trix in the Stix (UK) for other Children’s Entertainers. I have won awards for innovative balloon shows: International Twister of the Year 2011, the Dewey Award for Excellence in the art of balloon twisting & innovative balloon entertainment. I even won the Jury Prize (voted by the children) at Porto Sant ‘Elpidio International Children’s’ Theatre Festival in Italy. And I am just as proud of winning 3rd place at the stage competition at the Twist & Shout Balloon Convention in Las Vegas 2015.


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All the nitty gritty on how my fabulous modern internet based directing means you can be anywhere in the world with a web connection and I can help you with your show.

Feedback from Performers Directed by Danny

“Brilliant. If there is one word that sums up Danny’s work as both a performer and a director, it is simply, brilliant.”


 Buster Balloon, USA

“When Danny told me about his directing service, I couldn’t help but jump at the idea! To be able to draw on his experience and skills was an opportunity too good to pass up. Danny has helped me hone my show, making it tighter and more cohesive. Not only has this improved my current show, but it has given me a fresh way to look at structuring future shows.”
Matt Falloon, Australia

“Danny has impressive knowledge and experience as a performer, but also has that coveted ability to see the strength in other performers and draw that out of them. The process was efficient, eye-opening, and invaluable!”
David & Shana Brenion of Nifty Balloons, USA

“I already had a clear vision of where I wanted my show to go. I had original routines, and I wanted to add a plot line, and to get the parents to be more involved. Boy oh boy, did Danny over deliver on his promise. Even before implementing half of his tips I see huge results. My routines are now playing bigger, and they get many more cheers and claps. Thanks Danny.”
 Zivi Kivi, Israel

“Danny was fantastic to work with. He had some great ideas for a routine I’ve been working on forever. He helped me take this routine from pretty funny to completely hilarious. For the first time ever, I now have a standalone 7-minute routine that kills, every time. Thanks Danny!”
Annie Banannie, Balloon Storyteller, USA

“Danny is one of the best performers out there, and he is great at coaching other performers to turn their ideas into solid routines. Working with Danny gave me a lot of things to think about and has definitely improved my performances!”
Rob Balchunas, USA

“Danny has that unique talent for knowing just what works and when. He is also an ‘ideas factory’ flooding my show with concepts, creativity and moments of brilliance. But not only does Danny have great ideas; he knows how to get them across.”
Dov Citron, Captain Calamity, UK

 “Danny has an exceptional knowledge, and is a great provocateur of play, joy and creativity. He offers excellent advice, creates a fun and easy working environment, brings out the best in you, and then adds a little sparkle of brilliance. Invaluable, wonderful and a joy to have around! – 6 stars.”
 Michael Imerson, Dizzy O’Dare, UK

 “Danny was a brilliant director. Knowing what I wanted, even when I didn’t.
Danny guided me through my material as we broke it apart and found little moments that I had never even thought of. Danny has a creative approach to all his work but also has a wealth of experience in many other areas other than just directing like clowning, circus, magic, mime, comedy, and puppetry. As a result of working with Danny, I now have a concept for a great show.”
Lucy Spielberg, Lucy Lost It, UK

“Danny was a key source of knowledge and knew when to give and when to make me think for myself. He insisted that it was my show and gently steered me towards the answers for my own questions. I honestly feel that without Danny’s help and directing abilities I never would have got this far into the show.”
Dan Catt, KJ Entertainments, UK

“I would recommend Danny to anyone who needs help with their show, new or old. He was constructive and patient, encouraging my ideas alongside his own. He helped to develop me with how I present myself onstage to my spectators. I have gained so much confidence in how to perform my unique show and thanks to Danny Schlesinger I am out there winning over my audiences!”
Roger Daws, Iglobo, UK